Free Speech, expression, assembly, association for all humanity.


Freedom of Speech

A principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or sanction. The term "freedom of expression" is sometimes used synonymously but includes any act of seeking, receiving, and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.



The suppression of speech, public communication, or other information, on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or "inconvenient" as determined by government authorities or by community consensus.

What's our core beliefs that drive us?

EVERYONE - including criminals and unethical people - have a natural right to Freedom of Speech, Expression, Association, and Assemble.

all relationships must be voluntary.

privacy is the bedrock of freedom.

we should be able to communicate as we please privately.

transparency in code and governance.

we own our data and should be the ones that profit from it.

self-sovereign identity – people must establish and maintain their own identities, not by 3rd parties.

self-sovereign money – people must be their own bank indebted to no one with the keys to their money.


The following components comprise the protocol:


Censorship Resistant Routing

Using I2P as the basis for routing over the internet, direct wireless ad-hoc networks when the internet is not accessible, and Tor for communicating with non-anonymous nodes in the clearnet. Plugable feature supports the addition of other networks.


Micro-Services DApp Platform

1M5 is a micro-service platform for developing applications within a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and a Staged Event-Driven Architecture (SEDA) supporting routing between services using a routing service that implements Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) and Decentralized Routing Algorithms.



The Invisible Internet Project - an anonymous overlay network. It is intended to protect communication from dragnet surveillance and monitoring by third parties such as ISPs.



The Onion Router (TOR) - free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy.



A direct wireless ad-hoc network using WiFi-Direct to support private communications outside of the internet.


Decentralized IDentifier

Pluggable, decentralized, people and/or automation-controlled universal ID, called DID or Decentralized IDentifier.


Key Ring

Encryption and Signing keys kept safe on specialized flash drives where once added they can not be read nor changed. Encryption and signing happens on-drive only. OpenPGP used for standards support.


Info Vault

The platform allows for the user to grant access control to their personal information on their device if desired. Access can be revoked when its no longer desired for them to have it. This will end widespread data breaches.


The 1M5 Protocol is being implemented within the following projects:

Decentralized Cloud (DCDN)

1M5 works to ensure access to content remains uncensored and anonymous by routing content through I2P/1DN and token transactions through Tor/I2P/1DN.

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1M5 integrates with Inkrypt DCDN through I2P/1DN and protects publishers' and readers' anonymity and access to articles using I2P/1DN. Readers can also read articles through I2P eep sites, and Tor hidden services.

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1M5 routes all messages between Chatty peers through I2P/1DN when 1M5 is switched on in the Chatty client.

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1M5 acts as a proxy for your favorite browser routing all clearnet and .onion requests through Tor and all .i2p requests through I2P. When Tor gets blocked, it uses I2P to find a peer with Tor unblocked to complete the request.

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We are also aiming to decentralize many of the existing applications. View our plans for introducing voluntary markets, open private communications, decentralized ride sharing and decentralized personal lodging.

Future Projects


1M5's roadmap is driven by the needs of the community supporting it.

  1. 1M5 Core

    2018 Mid: Core Framework w/I2P
    2018 EOY: Identity and Encryption

  2. Inkrypt DCDN

    2018 Mid: POC
    2019 Mid: Testnet launch
    2019 EOY: Mainnet launch

  3. Inkrypt nLightn

    2019 Mid: Field/Testnet Testing
    2019 EOY: Mainnet Testing

  4. Purism Chatty

    2019 1st Half: Integration
    2019 EOY: Release

  5. 1M5 PROXY

    2019 1st Half: Daemon
    2019 EOY: Release


We are a small group of voluntary contributors to 1M5 working towards developing the mission and the software that implements it, some public some anonymous.

objectorange (Brian Taylor)
PGP: DD08 8658 5380 C7DF 1B4E 04C2 1849 B798 CF36 E2AF
evok3d (Amin Rafiee)
PGP: D921 C2EE 60BA C264 EA40 4DC5 B6F8 2589 96AA E505
azad (Erbil Kaplan)
PGP: 2EBC 2239 E9B8 2BCA 7176 77FE FD80 A0C2 95FD EBAC

Many responsibilities are currently being lead by too few people so we are always looking for passionate people to lead and assist.

Collaborate with us


1M5 is an open source project powered by volunteers, bounties and donations. In the spirit of open source and censorship resistance, we have opted to create 1M5 without the demands or influence of investors nor governments.

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Donate to the 1M5 Development Fund

If you support this project and are in a position to help us out then that would be wonderful

itcoin (BTC): 1BV7J1RJxCAvxkTvtU2W1AH15gEskA49YZ

Donations to 1M5 are not tax deductible as we are not formally registered in any jurisdiction. By donating Bitcoin to our donation wallet, you will be helping 1M5 pay for our direct costs like web hosting, domain names, outsourced work, bounties, and so on. If you wish to support us anonymously, we recommend using Bisq as it uses Tor and using a source of Bitcoin that doesn't have your identity attached to it.
Get in Touch

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you can think of other ways you can help with the 1M5 project.

Email us (I2P): info@1m5.i2p

Email us (Protonmail): info@1m5.io

PGP: B0BE B0BF 0C82 817D 36E9 1166 6DB6 825A 907F F3F0
If you wish to communicate anonymously, we have a 1M5 channel on I2P's IRC. Leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP. As for email, we prefer communications using I2P first and protonmail.com second.

Each of us is involved in the project because we personally believe in it! This is not just another decentralized startup, this is a project aiming to be driven by the global community and serving the global community.