1M5 dynamically bypasses attempts to censor communications within application in which 1M5 is implemented. It does so by maneuvering against blocks and attacks on the internet as well as direct mesh networks. This maneuvering experiences varying levels of situational conditions called MANCON.

MANCON is similar to the United States Armed Force's DEFCON. It is an alert state signalling the maneuvering required to achieve the mission. It can change at any time in response to new conditions arising. The base MANCON for a claimed jurisdiction is largely based on the Press Freedom Index.


Open/normal SSL based communications with no expected censorship or privacy intrusion attempts. Web: will use HTTPS. Failures will not attempt HTTP but will use other peers to assist.

  • Tor for .onion addresses
  • I2P for .i2p addresses
  • I2P is used for peer-to-peer services such as messaging

Normal censorship attempts by states on reading news (public web sites getting blocked, government shutdown of cloud cdn content). When an HTTPS clearnet site gets blocked that has an associated Tor hidden service, that Tor hidden service will be used. All other routing remains unchanged.

  • Web: will attempt to use Tor. If fails and an associated Tor hidden service is available, that hidden services will be used. If no Tor hidden service is associated with the site, other peers will be used to assist. Expect latencies of 500 milliseconds to 2 seconds.

Tor hidden services that have been blocked or taken down but have an associated I2P eep site, that I2P eep site will be accessed. Default sensitivity in Envelope.

  • Web: will use an I2P peer that has access to Tor to make the request. Expect latencies of 1-4 seconds.

I2P eep sites getting attacked/targeted. Use 1M5 mainly with I2P with high delays. Only able to access information directly via I2P using a decentralized content distribution network, e.g. Inkrypt.

  • Web: will use an I2P peer with random delays that has access to Tor to make the request. Expect latencies of 2-3 minutes.
  • P2P: direct comms with I2P but with random delays. Expect latencies of 2-90 seconds.

Local cellular service towers shutdown. Use 1M5 with 1DN to route to peers with internet access. Wide-ranging latencies but strong privacy.

  • Web: a 1DN peer will be used to access Tor. Expect latencies of 2-25 minutes when in large cities with many 1M5 nodes.
  • P2P: 1DN peers will be used until a peer with I2P access can route the request.


1M5 is an open source project powered by volunteers, bounties and donations. In the spirit of open source and censorship resistance, we have opted to create 1M5 without the demands or influence of investors nor governments.

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Donations to 1M5 are not tax deductible as we are not formally registered in any jurisdiction. By donating Bitcoin to our donation wallet, you will be helping 1M5 pay for our direct costs like web hosting, domain names, outsourced work, bounties, and so on. If you wish to support us anonymously, we recommend using Bisq as it uses Tor and using a source of Bitcoin that doesn't have your identity attached to it.
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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you can think of other ways you can help with the 1M5 project.

Email us (I2P): info@1m5.i2p

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If you wish to communicate anonymously, we have a 1M5 channel on I2P's IRC. Leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP. As for email, we prefer communications using I2P first and second.