Censorship Resistance

Secure Private Decentralization

Most organizations (e.g. Facebook, Google, Twitter, banks, governments) track, persist, and use our behavior for their gains.

Blockchain based applications and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are helping to wrestle some control from these centralized organizations although they are largely used on servers and distributed ledgers are still logically centralized creating an easy attack vector.

Smart phones, our primary means of global communication and collaboration, are weak in maintaining our anonymity and privacy - critical to ensuring individual freedom.

What's needed are decentralized applications that run purely on smart phones and PCs without using servers of any kind and share only what the owner specifically allows maintaining our privacy and ensuring transparency in our relationships while ensuring we can not be censored.

1M5 is a secure open-source decentralized peer-to-peer application platform with end-to-end encryption and anonymity as a base layer for creating easy to build and use secure decentralized peer-to-peer applications requiring no server connections that can be used around the world by any person looking to protect their communications and personal data from unjust intrusion, interception, monitoring, and censorship.


Maneuvering Condition

The primary threats to freedom of speech/expression are governments but other entities commonly engage in it such as corporate based media. The 1M5 community works to determine the default level of maneuvering required to avoid censorship based on what claimed jurisdiction the end user is currently in. From there, the router will work to maintain uncensored communications for the applications using it. This maneuvering condition is called MANCON.

MANCON is similar to the United States Armed Force's DEFCON. It is an alert state signalling the maneuvering required to achieve freedom of expression. It can change at any time in response to new conditions arising. The base MANCON for a claimed jurisdiction is largely based on the Press Freedom Index.

  • 5 = Good Situation
  • 4 = Satisfactory Situation
  • 3 = Noticeable Problems
  • 2 = Difficult Situation
  • 1 = Very Serious Situation

The following MANCONs provide a description, 1M5's default response, and a list of lower to greater threats within that MANCON.


Little Extra Security Needed - standard use of HTTPS based browsers is supported with strong privacy laws enforced and little to no control over nor monitoring of the internet.

Communications to web services using Tor/HTTPS and to individuals using I2P



  • 2012 - The Pirate Bay DNS Blocks




  • 2011 - 24hdiet.com DNS Block
  • 2008 - The Pirate Bay DNS Blocks

Costa Rica






Low Security - normal censorship attempts by states on reading news with public web sites getting blocked and/or government shutdown of cloud cdn content. Freedom of expression laws could be limited or partially enforced / corrupted by corporations. Tor hidden services should be offered so that people can still read news using Tor Browser when necessary.

1M5 Nodes running as Tor Hidden Services

New Zealand

  • New Zealand is placed in this group due to being part of the Five Eyes of mass surveillance otherwise it would be in MANCON 5.
  • 2010 - Department of Internal Affairs Internet Filtering


  • 2013 - The Pirate Bay DNS Blocks
  • Pornography

South Africa



  • 2013 - 16 Video Streaming Sites Blocked on Copyright Violations
  • 2013 - French Wikipedia Page for Pierre-sur-Haute Takedown
  • 2011 - Copwatch Blocked
  • 2009 - Hadopi Laws

South Korea

United States


  • 2012 - The Pirate Bay IP Blocks




Medium Security - Tor network being attacked. Likely no Freedom of Expression laws or not enforced. I2P hidden services should be offered.

1M5 Nodes running as I2P EEP Sites




  • Constitution Prohibits Journalist Anonymity
  • 2012 - Ordered Arrest of Google Sr Exec for failure to Takedown



United Arab Emirates



  • 2017 - Android Play Store Blocked
  • 2017 - Internet Archive Blocked
  • 2015 - Large amount of Facebook content Blocked
  • 2015 - Pornographic Content Blocked
  • 2014 - Politically Motivated Shutdown of Internet in Jammu and Kashmir
  • 2014 - Github Blocked
  • 2014 - File Sharing Banned
  • 2012 - Assam Violence Widespread DNS Blocks
  • 2012 - The Pirate Bay Blocks
  • 2011 - Facebook Ban
  • 2011 - Ban on Cartoons Against Corruption


  • Pornography, Anti-Islamic, and Blasphemy Sites are Blocked
  • 2013 - Torrent sites banned
  • 2013 - Netsweeper used for massive filtering at national level for political and social reasons
  • 2010 - YouTube Blocked


  • Blocking on content that defames, insults, threatens, or is unflattering to the King, includes national security and some political issues (web sites only)


Medium-High Security - I2P hidden services getting attacked/targeted. Actual threats and prison time for speaking out. Pure decentralized news over I2P/I2P Bote is required.

All communications including news over I2P purely P2P with Bote for highly sensitive information. Purism hardware recommended.


Highest of Security - Internet access getting shutdown in areas. Strong censorship attempts with massive number of nodes blocked, deep packet inspections across internet, and/or I2P timing/DDOS attacks. People getting murdered for speaking out. Absolutely no freedom of expression protections.

Neo routing using Direct Wireless mesh and I2P Bote with high delays running on Purism Libre Mobile and Laptops.



North Korea


Application Features


Peer-to-Peer (P2P), End-to-End Encrypted, Double Ratchet Key Management, Mesh Network Capable, Anonymous Network, with Bad Actor Isolation. (I2P/Bote)

Info Vault

The platform allows for the user to grant access control to their personal information on their device if desired. Access can be revoked when its no longer desired for them to have it. Applications no longer need to know everything about you. This will end widespread data breaches. (Minimal)

Key Ring

Maintaining encryption and signing keys secure. (Minimal)

Decentralized IDentifier

Pluggable, decentralized, people and/or automation-controlled universal ID, called DID or Decentralized IDentifier. (Minimal) Its primary components are:
Crypto Authentication (CA)
Reputation Based Access Control (RepBAC)
Circles of Influence

Prana - User Utility Token

Tokens used in the platform as a method to manage resources (network, cpu, storage) to support it. (Future)

Aten - Developer Utility Token

Tokens used in the platform as a method to determine transaction fee distribution paid in Prana. (Future)


Think Ethereum turing-complete platform on a mobile using OpenDocuments for the contract language and a Rete rules engine for execution. When combined with Synaptic Celerity, it truly makes electronic automated contracts 'smart'. (Future)


Full-stack synched decentralized javascript web applications on device for decentralized dynamic content distribution including static resources. (Future)


Unpermissioned blockchain on device providing decentralized anonymous automated consensus. Anyone can get on with a DID (public/private keys). (Future)


Trade tokens directly. (Future)


Current / In Progress

Gaia Gloaming

Living sustainably where all lives are celebrated with maximum autonomy and choice. Gaia Gloaming is a call to live more quality lives together with nature. This decentralized application is an evolving effort to support the mission of Gaia Gloaming. It is envisioned to be a whole integrated application combining social, community, marketplace, and other aspects of daily life with a shared artificial intelligence as an assistant longer term. It runs over 1M5 using Tor, I2P, and 1DM a Direct Mesh network with end-to-end encryption by default requiring no server connections protecting your communications and personal data from unethical monitoring, interception, intervention, and censorship. No telephone numbers or email addresses are required. Only your public key is used and can be swapped using QR codes. Building up of reputations will provide you with other opportunities such as in approving marketplace transactions gaining tokens.

Inkrypt: Decentralized Cloud

An anonymous, decentralized content-hosting solution that provides censorship resistance.

Inkrypt: Journalism

Making journalism truly free.


Birds of a Feather

With 1M5 integrated into your applications, your anonymity and privacy appear to be finally under your control, no longer being under mass unethical surveillance by unchecked governments and large corporations. Until you find out the operating system can bypass application security. Picking an Operating System for 1M5 and other applications to run in is crucial. Closed source operating systems like Windows and Macintosh just don't cut it. It's impossible to know what's in the source code as the code is maintained as a secret and legal non-disclosure agreements are used to enforce secrecy gagging those few with the knowledge. Linux is by far the winner here and there are many flavors. But when looking at a secure open source operating system, we want to know there is a group actively working to constantly combat attackers.

So then you might wonder, 'does the rabbit hole go deeper'? Yes, the whole stack from physical metal up is under attack by governments, corporations, and thieves worldwide. And there's no one in our corner. Until you meet Purism. Purism is working down the stack with hardware and driver manufacturers to claw back our right to privacy. We recommend buying all of your general-purpose laptops and phones from this organization.

Longer-term, we are working towards building hardware-specific devices that will not be general-purpose, but will focus purely on ensuring secure communications. Their hardware and software stack will be designed and implemented for specific tasks such as secure communications not supporting installation of additional software to minimize potential unsafe code getting introduced yet will remain completely open source (hardware & software) to be transparent in ensuring no back doors are added. We are looking at the Redox operating system as a safer alternative to Linux for these specialized devices. It is built with the Rust programming language which supports system level development yet manages memory without using garbage collection nor requiring programmers to manage it resulting in a much safer general purpose operating system. It also runs drivers in userspace vs the kernalspace better isolating misbehaving drivers.


Contribute to 1M5

1M5 is an open source project powered by volunteers, bounties, and donations. In the spirit of open source, we have opted to create 1M5 without the demands or influence of investors. Each of us is involved in the project because we personally believe in it! This is not just another decentralized startup, this is a project aiming to be driven by the global community and serving the global community.

There are a few ways you can help support 1M5’s development:


Contribute to Development

If you’re reading this then you probably have the skills that would really help 1M5 build and grow. We are constantly looking for skilled volunteers who can help us with the development of 1M5 and spread the word to the wider decentralization community.

IMPORTANT! We are currently seeking experienced Java developers. If you have experience with Java please contact us below and let us know!


Contribute to Bounties

We set up bounties for development tasks as funds come in. You can either support an existing bounty by donating to the bounty address or set up your own bounty for a feature you would love to see get implemented in 1M5.

Please check out our GitHub issue list for more information.


Contribute to Donations

By donating Bitcoin to our donation wallet, you will be helping 1M5 pay for our direct costs like web hosting, domain names, outsourced work, bounties, and so on. So if you support this project and are in a position to help us out then that would be wonderful. If you wish to support us anonymously, we recommend using Bisq as it uses Tor and using a source of Bitcoin that doesn't have your identity attached to it.

Note: Donations to 1M5 are not tax deductible as we are not formally registered in any jurisdiction.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you can think of other ways you can help with the 1M5 project.